Marenius Mic-Preamp Voor Sound Devices 633

  15,00 p/d

SD633 is a three channel microphone preamplifier designed to be mounted below the Sound Devices 633 recorder. This allows adding 3 additional microphone inputs to this recorder up to a total of 6, using the line inputs to connect Marenius SD633. It has three low-noise microphone inputs via standard XLR connectors. Each channel has 48v Phantom, pre-gain control (20 – 60 dB) and an 18dB fader. On all channels, the maximum gain is 78dB. Each input has a LED light that indicates the input overvoltage if it occurs. Outputs are routed through a single TA-7 connector for connection to three additional SD633 inputs. Power options include 6 internal AA batteries and an external 4-pin Hirose input with direct pass-through to the SD633.

Unit is black anodized aluminum with laser etched text for added durability.

The coupling with the Sound Devices recorder is very simple, it is done with four screws and does not require any internal connection.

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